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The supplement world can be confusing with so many brand and product options. Here are some of my tried and true. Please note that these are not individualized to you and there is a potential for medication interactions. Please contact me for further support. 

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Magic Socks


Hormone Balancing


Research: CBD and Sleep/Anxiety


Research: CBD and PTSD


Gut Reset Toolkit

The Gut Reset Toolkit is a step-by-step approach to understanding the digestive tract from a holistic perspective. The course covers everything from anatomy and identifying sources of organic disease, to causes of nutrient deficiencies. You will learn where and how things can go wrong, and what you can do to fix them from a diet, lifestyle and mindset perspective. You will be instructed on exactly how to eliminate the most common food sensitivities and then reintroduce the foods. This process is the only way to truly understand how food affects the body. You will receive sample meal ideas and a specific guided elimination diet plan. You will learn what types of nutrients are needed for gut healing and where they come from. You will be gently encouraged to think beyond the physical body and recognize the power of the mind in both healing and creating symptoms. You'll learn about the 3 brains (gut, brain and heart) and how they all play a role in health. Finally, you will learn about some other digestive conditions to consider as root causes for your symptoms, as well as specialty testing options to discuss with your doctor.

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Women Strong

The most comprehensive online women's wellness program featuring professional female experts and a community of like-minded women. 

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